Uschi, I don't understand what answers you are looking for. I've replied to your email and sent a partial refund, with the promise to refund the rest as I'm able. I am in the process of filing suit with this woman - I've not seen the video myself - I don't have it. I don't know what other proof you want. I've sent you money, I've sent Tanja money. I've scanned Mel's & Heather's customs forms. Who is this 5th person your talking about???

Kim Smith in Chantilly VA purchased a CM ISH from me, and sent the payments [at my direction] to the people who I owed. THE REASON I ASKED HER TO DO THIS: As you are aware, I'm not able to use my paypal account, it doesn't allow for partial refunds, and there was no other way you wanted the payment. She still owes me just over $100 for the ISH - I haven't shipped him yet. If it is the same girl, I've passed along her address and phone number to Carla, who I've had a GREAT transaction with. I don't know what I can do at this point - she still owes me money as well, and then technically I owe her a horse. What do you recommend I do, since everything I've done so far has been wrong, according to you?

I don't know what else you want from me, but this is by far the most frustrating thing I've ever experienced. I've admitted I was wrong, I've apologized, I've kept up communications, and I've sent partial refunds, and told you that I would refund you in full as soon as I have the remaining funds. What more can I do? WHat more do you want?

Evidently this hobby is a little more than I can handle right now, that must mean it's time for a break.

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I did not get an anwer from Michelle of my emails. But there appeared another strange fact. I was partial refundet by Kim Smith. And now one can read in MHHR that some people have problems with this lady, too. Mysterious ?! I am still waiting for some proof. But I get no answer. So sorry I can not believe what I was told.
And the other 5 collectors are also waiting for an explanation and proof and their horses and a refund. You can be sure they will let you know if things change to be good.