I have at least a passing acquaintance with all the parties in this thread, and I like all of them. For that reason, I was inclined to stay out of it. But at some point in this saga, Michelle attempted here to refute accusations that she was swapping IDs. And then on MHHR, I questioned the accusers about their sources for these accusations. At the time, I'll confess I thought they were being irresponsibly loose with the facts, and the hyperbole was getting to me. But then I started reading where I was directed, and found this:

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Oh, and for further clarification, as has been posted here AND on MHHR: I married Jennifer Davis' brother. I'm not her, not related to her by anything other than marriage, and that is all. I am aware from research and someone else's emails of the history she has, but I will in NO WAY take responsibility for any of it. Ever.
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Bold emphasis added by me. I also found an old thread on Blab by Jennifer Davis. Her middle name is Michelle. And if you look at that 2009 MHHR post, and the complaint that preceded it, Michelle was selling stuff for Jennifer Davis on "consignment." If I were Uschi et. al. I might wonder about all this too. It's not my intention to cause Michelle any further distress, but Uschi et. al. got a certain amount of grief for being unreasonably wary, and I'm not sure I can agree with that anymore.

By the way, this is not an invitation for people to post unsourced hearsay, or nonsense hyperbole. Matter of fact replies only, please, so we're not driving the mods bananas. Thanks.