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Thread: Blabbers - what will your Article be about???

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    Thumbs up Blabbers - what will your Article be about???

    The Articles section of Blab is set up and ready to go!
    All it needs is … articles!

    Where do articles come from? Blabbers!
    Yep, the most talented and articulate hobbyists on the planet. If you have a special area of model horse knowledge, have your typing fingers channel your brain into an article. History broad or specific; artistic techniques; showing; storage; props; breed colors; etc. and so on and … You can include images, and you can format your articles. Paid member sections also have the option to format using html coding. And, you can also request a post already in the forums be promoted to an article.

    Categories for articles follows the general free/paid pattern of Blab

    Categories are like Blab’s forums, with categories for OF, China, Custom, Resin, The Studio, Showing and more. Access to read and create articles also follows the free/paid division on Blab. In addition, some articles belonging to paid member categories will be available in the Samples category, to allow free members and browsers to get an idea of the kind of content available in the paid categories. As Articles launches all “paid” category articles will go into Samples and be available to all members for a time. And just as new members have temporary access to the paid-only forums, it will be the same for the paid-only articles.

    Who can create an article?

    Anyone who has access to read articles can also create articles. Completed articles aren’t immediately available to the public. New articles will be reviewed before publication. Please PM Mary whenever you have an article ready for prime time.

    How to create an article

    Just click here to have a look at the easy steps to creating an article.

    Okay I did it, now how do I publish it to general view?

    PM Mary. New articles are cursorily reviewed and assigned to a category, usually within 6 to 12 hours. There is not a full review and validation of the facts … so practice self-editing, otherwise the Blab public will be the ones to call out any flaws after publishing, in the comments.

    Forum posts that would make great articles

    A forum post may be copied into a new article, aka “promoted.” The post author will be credited for the article, but anyone can make the request. Just PM Mary with the link to the post. Do not forget the link.

    Oh yes there is too something in the hobby you know a lot about
    It might be something small, or a broad topic. The history of your favorite mold. Prepping. Live show hosting. Breed color genetics. Decorators. How to sculpt exquisite tails. Painting a realistic ergot. … the depth and breadth of the hobby …

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