Just about a month ago, I ordered some ring blanks from a seller on Etsy. They took some time to ship, and I was fine with that because I figured they were made to order.

On March 3, the order arrived, but I was three rings short (I ordered 9 and only got 6). I messaged the seller immediately and told them that the rings I got were very nice but that I was missing three, and indicated the sizes and finishes of the missing ones.

On the 6th, she messaged back saying she was sorry and that she'd look into the problem and get my rings sent out. After nothing for three days, I messaged her on the 9th and asked if the three rings had shipped out.

A week went by and nothing. I tried to open a dispute with Etsy, but unfortunately, because the order showed as delivered, it was immediately closed. She must have gotten a notice because she messaged me almost immediately, apologizing and saying she'd give me a refund for the three rings as well as send them out. I messaged and told her that was fine.

ANOTHER week went by and nothing but silence. So this morning, I'd finally had enough. I messaged and told her that if I didn't get the refund for the three rings OR a shipping notice for them, I'd file a dispute with Paypal and also request a phone call with Etsy to explain the situation with them. After literally a minute, I received a refund FOR THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF THE ORDER! I guess it makes me a little mad that she if she could respond that quickly when I put the screws to her, why couldn't she have responded better when I asked politely?

So now, I don't know what to do. Should I just send the rings that I did get back and call it even, or should I keep them and chalk it up to the seller letting me have them for my hassle? There was no message with the refund, so I don't know what she wants.

And was I too harsh? Thankfully, in all my years of not only making and selling my jewelry, but also buying on Ebay and Etsy, I've really never had any problems, and when I have, the other person has been good to work with and we fix the issue amicably. I guess better communication would have helped her a lot in this situation.