I wasn't around here on Blab when Jenn Davis was posting back then and having read only a few of her threads my only reaction to them would be that they strike a chord with how personally MMD wrote on here to.

During my correspondance with Jenn Davis/Guzzi when trying to reclaim my monies for myself and others and in the aftermath still ongoing, I would however like to point out a few facts. You can all make your own minds up from this.

Jenn Davis only contacted me personally after I had posted the customs form from MMD, stating she was MMD sister in law. Firstly, she said she couldn't afford to pay my refund in full, then the next day, it came through in full (this has happened to other people connected with her). My refund came from the EXACT same email address that has been given to a couple of people on here ON THIS THREAD to pay for goods not received. I also know that it is the same email address being used to sell horses for the purpose of refunding on MMD behalf. All the addresses concerned with Ms Guzzi (and MMD for that matter) from both myself and others on this thread are from the same small area in NY, some can be traced, others can't.

This is a quote contained in one of my emails from MS Guzzi:

'I'm pretty sure she (MMD) has learned her lesson, and if not - I'll drill it into her!'

Hmmm......shame she doesn't heed her owns words.

I'm perfectly happy to share any information on her via PM as this has to stop.