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She sent you stuff you didn't want, instead of a refund?

Then she's done nothing, in my book.

I am flabbergasted. Really. Wow.
Exactly. Flabbergasted and disgusted, really. I 'ordered' the Glossy Blue Roan Nokota. I got a deco CM'd Nokota (he's purple!?) two new-looking Breyer OF classics, a fugly Stone trotting drafter and some 'home grown' medallions. Unless those OF's are worth a minimum of $200 each, at least, then there is no way this box of crap is even comparable to the money I spent. Hence my red light.

Part of me is thinking cut my losses, and sell this shizz....that she never even had that glosssy Nokota, but I really cannot afford to lose that kind of money right now.