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I'm moreso frustrated that when a thread is moved there is no notification to the poster that is has been moved. ...
Actually there is a notification, but not a message personally to the poster. We don't have enough mod staff to send a note to everyone individually every time a thread is moved, so that's part of the Blab credo of putting it on the members to post appropriately and keeping modding low. But there should be a line note in the original forum stating that the thread was moved and to what forum. This will appear for from 1 to a few days, then that notification will go away.

Avoiding the situation altogether can be done by sticking to the topics available to free members, posted in the proper forum. That's the intended use of Blab. It shouldn't be necessary to move threads very often.

Glad you are on Blab and hope you find plenty to discuss in the free forums.