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    Default Gloria Ford -- RED LIGHT

    RED Light for Gloria Ford -- this is the person referred to in this thread here:
    Problems with a customer

    I finally sent her an invoice for the fly bonnets she had ordered back in November & had kept telling me she would send payment for at some future time, after she got some money for stuff she sold, after her med bills, vet bills, etc. were paid off, etc. ( I'd been getting bad vibes when no check for even part of the balance showed up, then I checked her Ebay Bidder's History and saw she'd been high bidder recently on a number of items that would easily have payed for part or all of what she owed me.) My email was firm but business polite; her reply was, um, "snarky" at best. Lots of excuses, virtual yelling, etc. Generally making me out to be a Fascist Meanie Poo Poo Head.
    I've cancelled the deal -- I have no wish to continue to even to try to resurrect a deal with someone who constantly changes her mind about/can't remember what she ordered, and thinks that waiting a year to get paid for your work is okay.
    Only good thing to come out of it was a firm resolve to stop letting people's sob stories win me over, and to stick to my guns about my ordering policies! ( Oh, and I have a good stock of bonnets & pads to sell -- they'll be up on my website soon -- check the link in my sig line!)
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