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Thread: Be Aware: Jennifer Jenn Davis/Michelle McGrath Davis/JennyLee Guzzi/Jules Charon

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    Default Be Aware: Jennifer Jenn Davis/Michelle McGrath Davis/JennyLee Guzzi/Jules Charon

    ADMIN NOTE: If you know of other TTB threads about this individual - good as well as bad - especially posted since 2011 - please PM Mary with a thread link, and this post/thread will be updated to include them. Thank you.

    We have information to relate regarding these four identities. I say "identities" because the real name is not necessarily known.

    All four names have hard information linking them as being used by one individual. For hobby purposes, there are not four different people. There is only one person using four different names.

    The purpose appears to be to
    - cultivate hobby friendships online,
    - then gradually engage in both buy and sell transactions to win trust and build a positive reputation,
    - then to conduct sales where the buyer sends money to this individual, but never receives the model they paid for,
    - and finally, when the buyer complains, to deflect consequences by offering elaborate stories of 'what really happened' that makes the individual (the seller) look innocent of any wrongdoing.

    To further confuse the issue should anyone investigate the seller who didn't send the goods, all four names may actually belong to real people who are not involved with the hobby and have no idea their name is being misused in this way.

    >> Update as this was years ago: Such chicanery is more difficult now in the age of Paypal. Always, always use Paypal as it was intended and do not use "Friends and Family" for hobby transactions. This allows Paypal's buyer protection to get your funds back if you don't receive what you paid for. And, always keep all communications until the transaction is complete, and if the goods aren't received, always follow up within Paypal's time limit for getting your refund.

    I would encourage Blabbers who remember these issues to post links to any relevant threads. The oohs and ahhs and kvetching, please leave out.

    ================================================== ==

    SUMMARY of the details below the lower line
    I encourage also reading the details carefully and with full attention. They will give a much better picture needed by an informed hobbyist. A number of hobbyists contributed the information in this post. Much of the info is not new, but as each person only had part of the picture, it wasn't until it all came together that it was apparent what was going on.

    The basic hobby complaint has been sales and trades where this individual has collected an item or money but not sent the item they were due to send. The information here is only what has been reported on Blab and/or MHHR, but there could be more we are not aware of.

    All 4 of the names below have used the same transactions address in Levittown, NY 11756, house number 105.
    All Blab id's except bayba have been used from the same computer.

    Jennifer Davis (bayba)
    - 2007 had 5+ complaints of collecting money and not shipping the goods

    Michelle McGrath Davis (mcgruff)
    - 2008-2010 at least 5 international complaints; restitution is underway to those who reported on Blab but there are possibly more on MHHR

    Jennylee Guzzi (jennylee) aka Jenny - 2010 complaints, 3 so far

    Jules Charon (julescharon) - 1 complaint we know of - has used same house address and computer as the above identites

    The conclusion many have reached is that one person is using these identities to defraud hobbyists. It appears that when complaints have reduced the credibility of one identity, a new one steps forward to continue the same activity. Since Jennifer Davis has an arrest under that name it could be assumed she is the real identity.

    In 2007 Jennifer Davis was arrested and charged with embezzling $49,000 from her employer. We do not know what more came of these charges. The employer's address was used for some hobby transactions, showing this is the same Jennifer Davis.

    All 4 identities occasionally become involved with each other's trades to purportedly resolve complaints, and all have claimed family relationships. The 4th, julescharon, has recently become active and complained about being scammed by jennylee, although the two have used the same house address and have operated from one computer. A note that some of these names also have green lights for good trades, and apparently all have been friendly and gained the trust of other hobbyists.

    Photos of each have been found on the internet. The photos have a passing resemblance but it is not clear if they are of the same person or different people. It is possible that one person is using the identities of real people, with or without their knowledge. It is possible one person posted photos of herself under different names.

    Please read the details below with full attention. It is important to understanding how this all happened.

    ================================================== ==


    In 2004, Jennifer Davis joined Blab under username bayba.

    In 2006, she entered into a trade deal with Amber Crisafulli for a drawing. They agreed on the following trade: (1) 8x10 graphite portrait of her boyfriend Dave's German Shepherd mix "Bud" plus (1) 5x7 graphite portrait of her cat "Icarus" in exchange for her PS Arabian "Ziggy". The address supplied to Amber was Jennifer Davis c/o Traditional Air Conditioning, in Hicksville NY. The police blotter published in the Hofstra Chronicle apparently reported the following for March 20, 2007:

    -On March 20, Jennifer Davis, 33, of Levittown was arrested for grand larceny and falsifying business records. Between December 2003 and February 2007, while employed as a bookkeeper/office manager for Trade Air Conditioning, Davis made unauthorized purchases in excess of $49,000 against a company credit card and forged company checks.
    Please note that being arrested for something does not mean the person is guilty or convicted. A person is innocent until proven guilty. It is possible that Jennifer was completely cleared of these charges, for all we know. Dealing with these issues may, however, perhaps explain why at some point in 2007, Jennifer disappeared from Blab and the hobby, for the most part. She apparently left some folks in her wake, with pending deals. Some examples:

    March 2007 - Kathleen Burge missing a medallion
    March 2007 - Jessica Reske looking for a resin
    May 2007 - Deborah Ash also raised a complaint about non-delivery of a horse
    May 2007 - Sue Peet complains about not getting a highly-sought-after Rose resin (Indy).

    Sue says in her Blab post that Jennifer Davis is in Levittown, NY. In her response to Jessica, Jennifer tells us that her SO's name is "Dave." From one WOYM thread there is an indication that the husband/so's last name is "Miller." In that same thread, we learn that she's a boat owner. There are posts in WOYM indicating she was telling people she had money troubles in addition to health issues. These issues may have been resolved eventually, but you'll recall people were worried about her and complaining about a lack of response. Apparently she was still reading Blab and visible on "Who's Online," but ignoring emails and PMs.

    In August, 2007, hobbyist Julie Sparrey (of the UK?) complains she has not received goods from Jennifer Davis. At the same time, the "sister" of Jennifer Davis saves the day by delivering a resin promised by Jennifer to Deborah Ash. The "sister" was identified by Julie Sparrey as "Laura."

    Here's what might be a picture of her and Dave (bbpic.jpg).


    The first time we hear about Michelle McGrath-Davis is right after Jennifer's disappearance. In August, 2007, someone tries to check MMD's references on MHHR. She does not get a response the first time. I'm not even sure that person got a response the second time. Just two months later, Kayla Wiseman (who I have never heard of) is ready to call the police on MMD for not delivering yet another Indy resin.

    In 2008, Michelle joined Blab under username "mcgruff." At some time in March, 2009, we have Bobbie Mosimann (who is a real, honest to goodness hobbyist) ready to sound the alarm because Michelle isn't delivering a medallion. At that point, Bobbie is asserting an MMD/JD connection. And Bobbie is rip-roaring mad about it.

    In March, 2010, Nina Kratritzke of Germany is looking for Michelle. Nina is looking for an address and phone number from Michelle for someone else.

    In March, 2010, Michelle gets various TTB complaints for allegedly selling the same highly-sought after Rose resin to three different international buyers (Uschi Huppmann, Tanja Nagel et al), and not delivering. She sold a horse to Heather Irvine in the UK and Mel Boynes in Australia, same issues, although both individuals eventually got some relief. Relevant threads here:

    Just as Jennifer had prior to her disappearance, MMD stated there are health issues. I noted in one of those threads that MMD had a penchant for recycling names. There's a real Jane Schneider in the hobby (in CO), and MMD blamed yet another "Jane Schneider" (in CA) for losing her resins, swearing up and down that she really did have three Lone Star resins. There's a real Kim Smith in the hobby, in FL, and MMD had payments going out with the name "Kim Smith" attached (also MHHR post). So did Jennifer Davis.

    In the course of those threads and some posts on MHHR, you'll find various aliases attributed to MMD and JD. I did some research and found that MMD had admitted to having a relationship with JD through MMD's husband previously. I noted that MMD described the nature of that relationship three contradictory ways. As that post notes, Jennifer Davis' middle name was Michelle, and Michelle was selling horses on consignment for Jennifer at some point. My message making these points got cross-posted to MHHR by another member here, who was trying to be helpful. After my messages were published, I don't think we heard from MMD again.

    MMD supplied to Heather Irvine an address for Farmingdale, New York. MMD supplied to Charlotte Hill the address in Levittown, NY.

    PhotoBucket account associated with Michelle/Michele, per Heather I. Note there's a photo in there identified as "Mish." Hard to say if that's for real.


    In July, 2010, Michelle Brown tells us she's getting yanked about by a person named JennyLee Guzzi. In that thread, we hear from Amanda Dionne that she dealt with a JennyLee "Miller," the surname of Jennifer Davis' husband/SO. Kristen Cermele also notes that JennyLee Guzzi has no hesitation about condemning an alleged con artist on MHHR, but blithely ignores the complaints against herself that are already posted there.

    It was also related to us in that thread by Heather I. that JennyLee Guzzi (who joined Blab 11/10) is the "sister in law" of Michele McGrath Davis. In the emails Heather copied to the forum, JG is talking real tough about MMD, she's going to kick her ass into shape. In the meantime, Jacquie Fernandez relates that the address for JennyLee Guzzi is Levittown, NY 11756, house number 105 (a Long Island address). Upon searching the address given to us for Guzzi, I find the following snapshot from Google. Don't click the EXE file in the linked page. The relevance is that Google snapshotted this information from one of the links (probably the CSV file):

    The file is is a list of "boat" owners. From the email address, we find that Ms. Davis works for a company on Long Island, NY in Farmingdale, New York. Please note that as of 02/06/11, her name is still on the company's site as a "contract administrative assistant."

    Apparently "Jennifer Davis" was into real horses; she had an english saddle for sale that someone on Blab referenced long ago. There is someone alleged to be a professional huntseat horsewoman in the Long Island area with the name "Jenny Guzzi[/URL]." Whether the name "Guzzi" is another recycled one, is anybody's guess - but people should certainly not guess and bother the real Ms. Guzzi.

    Still another individual sends me copies of emails where JennyLee Guzzi is allegedly trying to take a non-American buyer for a ride.

    Added: MHHR complaint posted Feb. 2, 2010 - Hobbyist is frustrated that the Alpine bought from Jennylee hasn't been shipped, and apparently another hobbyist is also waiting on an Alpine from Jennylee. A husband "Tony" is communicating that Jennylee is sick but the model will be shipped soon. A registered letter to Jennylee was returned as refused. Last names that also came up with the transaction are Guzman, Mithchell, Mitchell.


    Suddenly, on January 24, 2011, Jules Charon (member since Feb 05) pops up in Michelle Brown's thread, stating that she sent money to Guzzi for a horse, much gnashing of teeth over not having checked MHHR or Blab for references. Last night, Jules posts that she got from Ms. Guzzi various unwanted items including a horse that she cloyingly mentions is purple. That was perhaps designed to make us all look for a thread about one of PitBullMom's horses, because of course PBM is famous for her purple ponies and she used to post about them on here frequently. John Keeling does the expected search, and helpfully points out that Jennifer Davis got a PBM horse (and Susan confirms as much today). So now we are like "ahhh so JennyLee Guzzi *is* Jennifer Davis." Just like we are supposed to.

    Right on cue, on February 4, 2011, per Natalie Kilpatrick, JC posts this ad on MH$P, helpfully directing people who have complaints about JennyLee Guzzi to JC. Because she'll help you get goods you're owed from her. She's got a cousin in upstate New York that will go and collect goods for you.

    Suddenly my BS-meter goes off. I started to question Jules about where she lived, and got some answers I didn't like (she's allegedly in TX). I took the necessary steps to cut JD/MMD/JG/JC's access, although it is still possible they are able to read. John took my suspicions and ran with them, and found there's a connection between JD and JC going back to 2004 (see his post). He finds that Jules has stated she's in Long Island right now, not TX. He finds it remarkable that Jules complains in one thread about needing to sell horses, and then suddenly she has several JD items she received. Jennifer Davis surely couldn't sell them. Another member, seeing where we are going with this, pointed out that Jules apparently couldn't make up her mind about whether she'd paid JennyLee Guzzi using a money order or Paypal. Also note the Freudian slip "I She."

    This morning, I got an answer to a query I made last night: Per Jackie Hasser, Jules Charon was having material delivered to the Levittown NY address. Thus, that same address has been used by JD/MMD/JG/JC. Both MMD and JC were apparently using the same address as Jennifer Davis' work address in Farmingdale, NY.

    Of less importance but still interesting: Several years ago, one of the showholders in my area got into a jam because she wasn't shipping her SR from her show promptly. People were really hot about it, and there were at least half a dozen people complaining about it on MHHR and our regional list. Suddenly out of nowhere pops up a complaint from Julie Charon on MHHR, upset that she didn't get her SR. Renee DeVore was correctly suspicious. Renee contacted the showholder and advised that the showholder said that "Julie Charon" had never ordered anything from that showholder. When Renee raised it, Julie Charon suddenly had a maiden name that she'd used to order the SR. All along, aliases have been explained away through marriage, so that response now seems somewhat in keeping with the norm.

    I am told by another eagle-eyed hobbyist that Ms. Charon's MH$P ads that had the Jennifer Davis PBM horse on it - they're gone. There are other horses up now.


    Tuesday, March 8, 2011, Berit Anderson and Randi Brazil have reported that they were "stung" by an individual calling herself Jordana Michael, with a PO Box in Levittown NY. The same PO Box used by Jules Charon, per Jackie Hasser. I will post more details when I have more time.


    Jenn Davis, Michelle McGrath Davis, JennyLee Guzzi, Jules Charon and Jordana Michael have some important facts in common. There are probably more related identities, and some may still be on Blab. If you're buying something, ask for your seller's address. Check here, check MHHR, check NAMHSA show results (this person does not live show), check the NAMHSA regional lists. If nobody's ever met your seller in person, then maybe you don't send her $300, okay?
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