My name is Kylee Demers. Several months ago I purchased several custom horses from Lisa Bickford and I believed that we had a fairly good customer/seller relationship. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

One of the horses that I purchased from Lisa was advertised as a collaboration between herself and Sue Kern. I later came to find out after reading a post by Sue Kern on MHHR red lighting Lisa for advertising such pieces as collaborations when only a few select pieces actually were. This piece, the Peruvian Paso on the sales thread was not one of those collaboration pieces. He was purchased from Sue and then repainted by Lisa.

I am having to part with a few of my favorite pieces from my collection to prepare for Axel's show season and I listed this piece for sale as a custom by Sue Kern that was repainted by Lisa Bickford. I knew it wasn't a collaboration so I felt that was the best way to describe it.

Sue contacted me and asked me if I would pull the auction and return the horse to her for the price that she sold it to Lisa for. She also offered to repaint him for me to turn him back into an original piece by her free of charge but I am just not in the financial situation to do that currently. She was extremely friendly.

OF COURSE, the right thing to do was to return the horse to her for the price she sold it for.

As for Lisa, I am severly disapointed. I am out close to a few hundred dollars for purchasing a horse under false pretenses as there was a substantial difference between how much Lisa purchased the horse for, and how much she sold it to me for after she repainted it.

The horse will be back with his rightful artist which I fully believe was the right thing to do...but it doesn't negate the fact that I am out some bit of money from all of this.

-Kylee Demers