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... A discussion forum won't give you certainty. And fwiw, that discussion can be had now in several existing forums. ...
Quoting myself to clarify - I meant, on Blab, there are several forums where you can get feedback on your work, and ask about suggested pricing at the same time. As long as you aren't saying "it's for sale" you can certainly post photos of 2 or 3 painted models and say something like "I'm trying to get an idea what the market is for an item like this, from a new artist like myself. What would you expect an item like this to bring? What factors do you think are most important to what price it might sell for? How would you suggest marketing these items?" Something like that. A discussion might give you more of the information you are looking for than a direct question on one item. If you want to put more work out in the future, don't get too wrapped up in any one item. The picture is much broader both in product and in time. I hope that makes sense!

And just a note ... you just got some specific marketing information here in this thread, such as would also be offered in such a forum ... and you weren't entirely thrilled to hear about an auction starting at $0.99. But that is just what you'll hear anywhere on Blab, in an existing category forum or in a new forum.

I suggest posting a thread in Customs asking artists how they first started marketing their work, and what their experience was. What were the discouragements and how did they keep going? I suspect that info is what you really need! The answer to your basic and simple question, how much should I ask? is not so basic and simple, I'm afraid. But good luck and get it out there!!