I honestly miss my old Windows Mobile "Blackberry style" phone. It slightly reoriented websites so that they displayed perfectly on my PDA - buttons were a bit larger, no side-scrolling. I'm sorry that technology was abandoned in favor of displays that simulate the computer screen appearance... and basically require the *websites* to "redo" themselves in order to be functional on the phone. The phone is the aberration, not the website. It doesn't make sense that millions of websites need alt versions just to talk to a phone, when the technology to address that could be deployed by the phone OS designers.

I have to do a lot of side scrolling/zooming to see Blab on my mobile phone, and I also have trouble hitting the small "arrow" buttons. Half the time I accidentally hit the author's name (which is right next to the arrows) and get stuck on his/her profile. My Blab browsing experience via mobile phone went down the tubes when I went to a new touchscreen.