We have waves from time to time where threads from years ago get bumped because somebody finds one in a search or something and doesn't notice the date. We're having one now, and it's inspired me to finally ask about this!

I've thought about this several times, and I keep coming back to a conundrum. We want members to use the search function instead of starting new threads for things, but what if they do find an old thread that kinda-sorta answers their question, but they have a new take on it or new information. Is it really better for them to start a whole new topic for that, when the older thread can just be bumped and added to? To me, it seems way more logical to bump the old thread so people can see what has been discussed before, and not keep re-inventing the wheel and re-hashing over and over.

For example, the old threads about casting customs. Those were SO great and informative, and some amazing posts were made by people that don't really frequent Blab anymore. Is there really anything wrong with bumping those when the issue comes up again, so the people involved today can see some of the well put posts on it? Yes, you can just link to it, but posting to it bumps it for everybody to see in new posts, as well as giving the opportunity to expound on the old discussion on the same thread.

I don't think it needs to be a regular occurrence, or that people should necessarily be encouraged to bump old threads, but I also think that maybe we should let it slide more when old threads get bumped for a legit reason, rather than just adding chit-chat.

What do you guys think?