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    Default Be aware: Buyer obiforever / Pamela VanCortlandt / Jessica Bradshaw / Toby Van

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    Hey guys I know I don't post on here all the time, I *try* to not be too involved on all the online things so I can get work done...things have been super busy lately and I work from sorry about not being too involved but I do love all you guys! So I was wondering if you may be able to give any advice on this sour transaction.

    I haven't sold much on ebay in a while, but I was given the opportunity recently to buy my favorite horse at a friend's farm, and of course can't pass that up with such a good price etc. and so I sold some horses on ebay to try to get quicker cash. One of them was the Stone MHB Honey which I was sad to have to sell but you can all understand for a real horse

    I packed the horse in the mummy wrappings I always do and sent it. The buyer was a pain in the beginning because she asked me if she could do a buy it now and that she had really wanted it for a bday gift for someone and in this hobby we often do deal with people and so I dealt with her and we agreed on a price. Then after she got the horse, she says she unwrapped it, and saw a speck on the hoof, rubbed it and that the paint started peeling off the hooves as if it were a decal. She never provided any photo proof or asked for a refund or anything at this time. I suggested sealant and told her how to do all that and fix it up. She then got belligerent about how she shouldn't have to do this blah blah and from them on started changing her story in each email to me and still not providing any evidence. It is starting to get fishier and fishier and she is now saying that I obviously sold the horse already damaged and knew it was damaged etc. and is saying about how I sold other models for over 600 and that I obviously have money. She STILL has not provided any photos or actually come out nicely and asked for any kind of refund or anything. It just hurts that she is calling me a liar when I know this horse was pristine and came right from my curio to her door!

    Personally I think she unwrapped it, saw a speck of lint, rubbed it and damaged it herself and is now mad and seeking to blame me...or she didn't damage it at all and is just mad that she had to pay more than she wanted, and is now trying to get money from me.

    Her emails after the first have all been pretty nasty and accusatory and she has not once just nicely asked if there would be something to do to make it right. I think that was what has put me on the defense, is that she has just seemed unwilling to just show proof and ask nicely and give me a chance to respond before jumping all over me!

    So what do you think? If it goes to a complaint with ebay, will they review the emails and see that I have been gracious and trying to offer suggestions and she has refused to provide proof or even say WHAT she wants to have done?

    Thanks for listening
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