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Hobby folk! BEWARE of this buyer, Pamela VanCortlandt aka Jessica Bradshaw aka Toby Vandervalk. She is now fishing for free/cheap models on MH$P! I really should have followed my gut and just not dealt with her at all.
<--- Amen to that! I *so* wish I had seen this threat before I sold an OF Breyer to "Pamela" recently after she responded to an ad of mine on MH$P. After 30 or so emails back and forth, in which she asked a number of very detailed and repetitive questions (I responded with as much info as I could give her, including a number of photos from all angles and detail views) and also requested I donate the shipping costs to her horse rescue (?!), I somehow still thought it was a good idea to sell to her. Ugh. She sent me payment through Paypal and I shipped the horse (very well packaged) the next day. Upon receipt, she shot off a VERY nasty email to me alleging that I had withheld information about the condition of the model and claiming that he had all sorts of damage (crushed nose/side of face, yellowed, etc.), which definitely was not the case when I packed him up very carefully. She threatened to "take action" if I didn't do something to fix it. No joke, I had sent this woman a dozen photographs of the model before she bought him, and any of the things she complained about should have been obvious from the photos IF they actually existed!

I managed to hold my tongue and simply responded with a short email stating I was sorry she wasn't pleased with him, and that I would give her a full refund if she repacked him carefully up in his original packaging and shipped him back to me. I also noted that he was insured for the sale price ($50), and if she felt the damage arose from post office mishandling then she could file a claim with USPS. She replied the same evening in a MUCH nicer tone, apologizing for her accusations and saying she just had another deal go sour on MH$P so she expected I would be similarly difficult to deal with. She also acknowledged that I had packed him very well, and said the factory had really screwed up his nose and eye (not something I ever noticed, but in any case, that area certainly was shown in detail in the photographs). I didn't reply again, and I haven't heard a thing from her since, several weeks ago now. My suspicion is she was hoping I would offer to give her a partial refund, and she doesn't want to send him back (since there is nothing wrong with him!) for the full refund.

In any case, after seeing this threat I feel pretty foolish for not doing a quick search here before I sold to her. Hopefully others will not make the same mistake. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!