1. Is there going to be a link to chat on the main forums page rather than just on the home page? And, will there be a way to see who's on chat like the old Blab? Like it was at the bottom of the forums page?
I did check it out last night and chat works for me ( I know a few were having trouble with it) and it looks cool. I Like all the options you can play around with.

2. It seems like when I'm on for a little while that all the paw prints turn light blue and thread titles turn not bold even though I haven't read them yet. I've missed a few new posts/threads because of this. Just wondering if it's a bug still being worked out.

3. How come in OT, there aren't that many threads? I mean it seems like there were more and they keep disapearing. There were like 8 threads the other day and now it's down to 6. And I don't have it set that way to only show a few threads on one page. I use the forum default on that stuff. I haven't noticed this in any other forum but I don't visit all of them either. No need to go into The Kiln, Artists Announcements, Tack Room, and a few others.

Just a few minor things. Thanx in advance!