Oh, are we so excited about this! Not only is Elmhurst arriving at the Haven tomorrow morning, tonight we are "previewing" the official Elmhurst medallion!

Sculpted by the incredibly talented Morgen Kilbourn ( http://www.artbymorgen.com ), this medallion features Elmhurst in all-out race pose and sporting his post position number three, as seen here in his record-breaking, come-from-behind, sixteen-to-one win in the 1997 Breeders Cup Sprint:

The medallion measures 4" x 4" and comes in unpainted resin. I am working on a cold cast bronze version, but that will be announced in a day or so. Initial issue price is $35 for unpainted plus shipping to the U.S. (Overseas shipping: e-mail for prices.) It doesn't show in the photo, but there is a circle of a lock of hair in the forelock that would allow a ribbon to be strung through so the medallion can be hung as an ornament.

That's a photo of an actual medallion. The castings are coming out really clean, and even Elmhurst's eyelashes are coming through! (Yes, Morgen sculpted eyelashes and whisker bumps!) Excellent sculpt and excellent mold = an excellent product!

I am running the unpainted medallions through Mira Bell Productions, at least to start with. E-mail sales@mirabellproductions.com and let me know your mailing address, and how many you want, and I'll respond with final cost.

All proceeds will go to Our Mims Retirement Haven, a 501(c)3 IRS-recognized charity.

It will be toward the end of the week before I start shipping these. I was going to spot the Haven some resin to get started with, but Huck and KS base orders just ate up the end of my resin. So, I will be placing a resin order for me and for the Haven this week... should be here by Thursday.

Note: I am looking for a few finish artists to complete some blanks for me. I need some finished like Elmhurst. If you can donate your finish work, that's great! More for the Haven. E-mail cheryl@ourmims.com if you're interested, and we'll see if we can come to terms.

A BIG THANK YOU to Morgen Kibourn for donating such a beautiful, beautiful sculpture! We appreciate it so much!