JUST my opinion and just hoping that weight in might help for improvement if others find what I'm finding. I'm finding looking in the classifieds a little hard in that the ads seem to be so close together they don't read as seperate ads as much as big masses of type. Yes, I have a wee little brain and it can't work so well after sniffing fumes and chasing my 5 year old all day! LOL So it's possible everyone else thinks it's the cat's meow and I'm a doof! I don't have a solution off hand other than to put some spaces in between the listings but just wanted to say that it wasn't working well for me trying to look through there. Almost seemed too much to bother. And when you're in teh forums main page, I know the link is at the top but it almost seems out of sight out of mind since it's so small. Yes, I know there's a big link on the Blab's home page. NO critisizm!!! Just my experience and thoughts. LOVE the Blab don' cha knooooow.
LOVE having a classifieds section but so far for ease of use, I liked the forum better.