Live Show Alley ... has been collapsed into Showing Central
The same topics have always been posted in both Live Show Alley and Showing Central, so we will de-commission LSA and let Showing Central catch all of it. There are still a few specialty sub-forums under Showing Central to make it easier to find information there.

New to Blab
- Rarely used. De-commissioned, and newbie questions can go to Blab Support. Blab Support is moving up to Blab Information & Events category at the top, where it will be easier to find.

Blab Tech - category is being de-commissioned, but the sub-forums all stay - the sub-forums are being moved ...

  • www/Tech Help aka Web & Tech Help - moving to the Real World section
  • Blab Support - moving to the Blab Information & Events section at the top
  • Suggestion Box - moving the same as Support above