I entered into a time payment transaction with Lisa Bickford on 2/1. The first payment was sent on 2/1 and the second and final payment was sent on 2/6. Up until recently there were no responses to my email about shipping. The last email I sent her was to let her know that if I did not get a response from her or my horse I would be opening up a paypal dispute as recommended by people here On Feb 25th I get this message from Lisa:
Sorry - my work schedule is nuts (12-14 hour days). I got him off today. He should be to you Wednesday or Thursday next week. Let me know when he gets there and how he shows for you!

Thanks and sorry for the delay!


Wed and Thurs have come and gone and no horse. I was going to go into paypal and open a dispute. I get this email today (3/3)

Work killed me this past week - but he's on the way. He went fully insured priority. Your tracking number is: VH730946264US.

Thanks Erika!


The tracking number currently tells me that it doesn't exist. This is the 3rd time in a row I've gone through issues getting what I paid for. So yeah, I'm a bit sensative to it now. Do I give it a few more days, or do I just start the process of getting my money back now? I don't want to be a b!tch. But I don't want to lose my money either. I'm trying to be fair.


Erika Ipes