View Poll Results: Blab T-Shirt Poll 2012 - multi-select - ONLY IF PROBABLY BUYING, would you prefer ...

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  • white (with blue letters)

    13 27.08%
  • light-blue (example: sky blue)

    14 29.17%
  • medium blue (example: brighter blue, as in photo in post below)

    23 47.92%
  • royal blue (the same color as last year)

    14 29.17%
  • my name on the sleeve, rather than the back (or front)

    19 39.58%
  • my name on the back, rather than the sleeve

    13 27.08%
  • I would like to see the return of Qwerty! (see the post below)

    19 39.58%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Blab T-Shirt Poll 2012! UPDATE - a very few extras available!

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    Default Blab T-Shirt Poll 2012! UPDATE - a very few extras available!

    Getting this project started asap ... some Blabbers are wanting more t-shirts!

    Last year's cost was $23 for a shirt without your name, $33 to add your username on back and real name on front. I expect this year's cost will be similar.

    Your comments here, thanks!

    Please vote ONLY if you would probably buy. Thank you!

    Keep scrolling down for color samples ...

    This year's design will have changes, yes!
    But ... are people interested in seeing the Qwerty design return in some form?

    (on the BACK of the shirt)

    designs & letters will be a color that will stand out against the background
    (blue on white or blue; or white on darker blue)

    a light blue, like this one?

    a brighter "medium" blue, like this one?

    a royal blue, like this one?

    (shirts do not include the men inside them in these photos ... )
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