On May 1st, I responded to an ad Lisa Bickford had on MH$P for a "McDuff" Old Timer. I knew she was a slow shipper, but he was the only one available for sale online at the time (and as such, the last model I needed for my Old Timer conga). He was $24 plus shipping (grand total of $36).

On May 2nd, Lisa responded saying he was still available. I sent her payment immediately, and she confirmed immediately that it was received.

On May 21st, having heard nothing and still not in possession of the model, I sent her an email asking if he had shipped.

On May 26th, she sent the following email while I was sitting less than 20 feet away from her at Springamathing: "I think he did. I'm in colorado at a complete waste of time stone show. When I get home monday I will check on him for ya."

I had planned on talking to her at the show, but after reading that I decided against it. Wanted to keep a cool head and continue having fun.

On May 28th, I did respond back to her (gave myself two days to "unwind" from the comment) with "Sorry you had a bad time. I was at that show as well (next row over from you) and I had a blast!"

She responded the same day with some griping about the show and then "I'm home now! And guess what....so is your Old Timer! I'll get him to the PO tomorrow after work."

Here it is, a week later, and no Old Timer. As it's been over a month since payment was sent, I opened up a Paypal dispute. In it I told her that if she hadn't sent out the model, she should refund me in full. If he truly is in the mail, I will close the dispute when he's in hand. There is no point to her shipping him if he hasn't been shipped already - she's had plenty of time to get him mailed out (over a month) and somehow managed to drive to a show in another state without getting to her post office. Heck, she was posting on the Facebook wall for Springamathing, as was I, and she could have brought him along with her (unless she completely ignored everything except her own posting, she would have seen me posting).

I would not recommend entering into any transaction with her. It was in other threads which I foolishly ignored - she's great when it's all about the payment, but then it's radio silence.

I did find a McDuff on eBay about a week ago that I did end up winning.