What happened was ... yesterday evening - well, all yesterday - well, all this week - certain fast-fingered Blabbers have been piling on the posts to get to 2 million. Then yesterday evening some members did the math and figured that if everyone on Blab made however many posts right now, that would get us there ... and THEN omg it was off to the races ...

So to re-live the drama you can click here and start about page 130 (actually started pages before that,) and keep going until we passed 2,000,000 on this page, and just keep reading through page 190+ when everyone was staggering off to bed. We had rock music! We had snacks and drinks no one had time to consume because they were posting! Blab has some legendary fast-moving threads (others were going while the one linked here was!) but this one ... if you posted something, no kidding 2 more pages of posts would have gone down while you hit submit! (The server staggered a bit ... thankfully it didn't go down ... until later ... )

And here is the actual 2,000,000th post.
Congratulations Shauna (RivnRo) on winning the Lifetime membership!

We are celebrating with a day of free access!

What a 4th of July Blab week this has been!

(some theme music ... as we had last night!)