Ok, I suppose a raffle's off, because I just looked up the gambling laws in my state. So what I would like to propose is a pay - per - entry show. We would close the entries right before Hanukkah and a different judge would do each day. Donations would go to support Blab and 9 different charities/groups; my local 4-H rabbit club, USARK (http://www.usark.org), Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge (http://www.tigercreek.org), Vougel Alcove (http://www.vougelalcove.org), SPCA of Texas (http://www.spca.org), Equine Land Conservation Resource (http://www.elcr.org), Italian Greyhound Rescue, North Texas Food Bank (http://web.ntfb.org/home), and a charity of the model owner's choice. The fee would be a dollar per entry per day.