Just an fyi for fellow blabbers:

I am selling my friend's collection of almost 600 model horses. The ebay name I am using to sell these for her is stoneacreponies. If you see that name on an ebay auction, you'll know it's me, and you'll know that my blab reputation is important to me, so you can be confident in what you buy, even though this ebay account does not yet have much feedback.

Also, if you are looking for any particular older OF Breyers of any size, feel free to message me here with your email address and I can send you a copy of my master inventory sheet for her horses. There aren't any prices on it yet, but you can see what's there and ask about any that interest you. It's done on Excel, so make sure you're able to open Excel sheets; otherwise it will taunt you.

She's bringing them to me a couple of (big) boxes at a time, so I'm selling them as they arrive. However, I'd be happy to mark any horse *on hold* for a Blabber and let you know when it's box is in my hands. There are no decorators, but plenty of 70s RRs, and 80s and 90s SRs, including some JAH models. There are also some assorted small (SM size) Hagen Renakers, Leftons, Franklin Mint, and as-yet-unidentified other clinkies.

Happy Collecting!