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Just so long as the standard sign in still works.

I'm a fuddy duddy on the subject, but I hate FB Connect things. I don't want the world to see everything I do. (I do admit that I'm not the normal person here, though, so I'm not saying don't have it.)
Actually ...

As I understand it (and that is *not* perfectly,) if you are already a member, you must take steps on facebook is to link your accounts. FB has no idea otherwise.

If you do not "log in" to Blab each time, but allow Blab to "remember me" (check box under the login boxes) and log you in automatically, you may not notice much difference. But you can click the fb icon at the top of Blab and it will take you to fb. (Blab will miss you! ) (Otherwise you can click open another browser window and use your link/bookmark to fb.)

Where it is very noticeable is for new registrations. Clicking the facebook option for Blab registration moves things along for the newbie. I've tested this a bit, and there are several steps where the newbie can select options for how much is shared from facebook (location, personal data, etc.) But you don't have to allow it.