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Thread: Be Aware: Amy Jernigan and alternate names

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    Awh that is where I saw the email name, I believe that someone received a money order from a person Lucinda supposedly her MIL for a horse she owed on, I asked for a address and was provided a PO in VA so that ties in. Should have figured it was on my reiner. I pulled his ad and will move right along

    Angela Giddings

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    A little look see shows this is Lucinda Murphy Jernigan related to Jim and Brittany both whose names I have seen many a time here sigh~ Creative aren't they

    Angela Giddings

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    Thanks for linking this inquiry to the thread that has the most information and links.

    I am very happy the original poster asked this question and brought this information forward.

    With all respect to the original poster, I'm closing this thread simply because the information has been shared, and this topic attracts a lot of speculative chatter. It's completely understandable that people want and need to understand what and why this continues, but Blab is not the place for this kind of discussion of someone in the hobby. I encourage people to explore their questions by other channels.

    Thanks all. In a few days this will be added to the other "master thread" to keep all the names flowing in one place.
    Mary Hirsch
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