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Thread: Good or bad buyer / Sellers

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    Angry Good or bad buyer / Sellers

    Hello all

    Im new to this site. I've joined it due to the fact that for the first time in 11 years of purchasing model horses off the internet I actually had a bad bad deal, to the point now I have to file fraud charges with the PO...

    I can't find one if there is one on the site but an area that sellers and buyers can post if they have a bad experience with someone.. It would be really nice to have heads up before purchasing from some one that must be under the age of 18 and using there parents name to have an account on MH$P's... The girl I've been trying to either get the model I paid for or my money back has been ignoring me left and right so to keep anyone else from having bad deals it would really be nice to have a heads up...

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    You're looking for the Transactions Board here.

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    Foremost - I am sorry you had a bad experience. Just one can really put a bad taste in someones mouth for the hobby. Coming to Blab is one way to protect yourself. But there are others! There is a plethora of transaction feedback out there. Sometimes people don't post about it, so you can ask on this forum as well. A good rule to live by is, if no one has any feedback, or nothing but questionable feedback - don't do business with that person. No matter how badly you want that horse. You'll be safer for it.

    You can also join and post your experience to MHHR so others not on Blab can stay away from this person. Be sure to post their full name, city and state, and e-mail/ebay id, ect. Whatever way they contacted you.

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    And note that Blab's Transactions Board (linked 2nd post) has some rules that it is important to review *before* posting. Please check both the FAQ and the sticky notes at the top of the forum. As angry as someone is over a bad deal, TTB (as we refer to it) is for unemotional and factual accounts.

    And Blab does not allow posting of people's *private* information, such as full address. You *can* post city & state. However, if they have made any such info public themselves somewhere on the internet, you can share it here as well.

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