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Decorator ... fantasy ... fantasy settings & photography ... horse-based creatures ... and the customizing and work-in-progress ...

Blab is putting it all together in a new sub-forum, Unrealistic Model Horses & Part-Horses. (click to access)

(Better wording or ideas for the forum name are welcome !!! )

One reason ... already there are many threads to start it with! The topic has proven itself to have Blabber interest.

Hobby traditionalists who are faithful to realism may be gasping for air to have this forum under The Ranch. Completely understandable, based on hobby history!

But after a thoughtful discussion among the mods, we acknowledge that the hobby is evolving, expanding. From Breyerfest to open shows to Blab, more hobbyists are showing an interest in a topic that, several years ago, could barely sustain a single thread.

Please pm me or any of the mods links to threads that haven't yet been moved but do belong in the new forum. It will be nice to gather all to where they are easily accessible and viewable by those who enjoy unrealistic models!