Lately on eBay some sellers have have been using a Global Shipping service from Pitney Bowes in their listings. You get a nasty surprise when you go to pay!! The listing says "Customs services and International tracking provided", sounds like they are dong you a favour...wrong!!!. Watch out for these listings, it will end up costing you double what the shipping cost says. I recently bought a model and the shipping cost said Priority International was $24.00, but when I bought it and went to pay I got nailed for another $24.67 for these "services". There is a 3rd party shipper involved and it is like the parcel gets mailed twice. This one went from California, then to Ohio,and it is now in Erlanger, KY where it will be sent to Canada and then re-labelled and mailed again! I know what to expect because this is the 2nd parcel I have bought like that. They get handled twice as much and take longer. The main problem I have with this is that if they had just sent it directly to Canada using USPS Priority, the chance that I would have to pay any taxes or Customs fees would be very small. I have bought hundreds of models from the US, and only a handfull have actually been "caught" by Customs. Sometimes the parcels that come from a business like Breyer get nailed, but not all the time. I would rather take a chance on it getting nailed and paying on delivery, than paying ahead of time for it. Sellers, you are not doing the customer any favour by providing this service, you are costing them money!! Parcels that are send to Canada by USPS Priority, with the exception of the small flat rate box,which you can't fit a model in anyways, are fully trackable from your Post Office, all the way along through Customs, and to my Post Office and delivery. I will not be bidding on any listing in the future that is doing me the "favour" of providing this annoying and expensive "service" !! The only reason I did it a second time was because it was a rare model that I got a real steal on. I just hope he arrives in one piece after all that extra handling!! BUYERS BEWARE OF THESE SERVICES, AND SELLERS PLEASE DON'T USE THEM!!!!