I think it would be really neat if we moved the Breeds etc subforum What's in a Name to the Arena and made it an all members postable forum.

I understand (or at least, I think I do) that it's in Breeds/Genetics/Colour because of the lengthy process of certain realistic names and so forth, which go well with the genetics side of that sub forum, but on the other hand, some OF collectors, most showers, and most CMers (or CM buyers) have to come up with names, whether "correct" or just fun and original, so it would fit just as well in a more general model horse discussion area.

It gets very little attention right now anyway (at some point it had only one thread sitting in it and it has only gained 4 since 2013 began), so the exclusivity isn't really helping it, and it's a fun simple to complicated section that I enjoy reading many posts in- except it's not getting many at all. It would be fun to be able to read through it and see more people's responses.