I received an inquiry on one of my MH$P ads on 2/5/13 from "lynne forrest", who also used the name "anastasia lynne forrest". She inquired on one of my ads, then quickly inquired on two more. I replied on the same day and emailed back and forth with her for the next 48 hours. Her replies were extremely abbreviated and I had a hard time determining which of the three horses she actually wanted. She eventually settled on a Midnight Sun. She provided me with a zip code near Roanoke, VA to calculate shipping. I sent her a quote with shipping on 2/6/13, along with my mailing address and a brief summary of my shipping policy (checks must clear first, etc.). She agreed to pay, I put the horse on hold, and that was the last I heard from her.

It has now been 18 days and payment has not arrived, nor have I received any other communication from her. It is not my policy to dun my buyers for payment, so I sent her an email today politely letting her know that the transaction was cancelled as no payment had arrived and I had heard nothing further from her, and that the horse was no longer on hold. I also notified her that I would be posting feedback here.

I am posting yellows for tirekicking- she agreed to pay but never did so, and never let me know that she didn't intend to do so.

~Kathryn Hallanger