I felt the need to post this here on account of the fact that the futurity suggestion is sorely underused and the space could be used for other things. No use bogging down the system with an unused forum. Since 04-28-2005 (April 28, 2005) there have been four threads in WOYM Jr. The highest number of replies to a single post? 4. I know this is a place for the kids to talk and all- but no one is talking.
No one seriously wants to share their life, or what's going on. If someone does the care-o-meter surely isn't into the red.
Fillies is not much better. Since 04-18-2005 (April 18, 2005) there have been three threads. Mostly the participants were "non-fillies."
Just felt it my duty as resident space cherishing protecter to you know, bring the matter up.