Who files it? The shipper or receiver?
i recently bought a horse, he arrived broken, and I asked the seller to refund me the repair costs. Now she is getting all snitty, and saying since I bought the horse so cheap (150 isn't cheap to me ) I should pretty much deal with it myself.
She finally told me that she fully insured the horse (I swear it said $20 on the customs form, I will have to dig it out of the trash, I didn't think I would need it...) and that it was my responsibility to make the claim.
i had completed a transaction not too long ago that was a reverse scenario. I shipped Canada post to the US, the item arrived broken, I paid the recipient out of pocket, and filed the claim to recover my funds. Is it not this way in the states?
I don't know what to do...it's almost pointless to go through all the hassle to recover the $40 I spent to get my guy shipped and repaired..I hate confrontation, and don't exactly want to make any hobby enemies, but seriously...this is silly