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Thread: eBay Global Shipping Program - buyers and sellers please read

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    Recently eBay has been getting US sellers to join the Global Shipping Program. Buyers can tell these listings because they say " customs services and international tracking provided" What will happen to the buyer is this ... they will get a separate bill from Pitney Bowes when they go to pay for the item, on top of the shipping and cost of the item paid to the seller. The buyer does not know what the cost will be until they go to pay. I have made the mistake of buying from these sellers a couple of times, and the bill you get stuck with is crazy, 30% or more of the cost of the item! I have heard other buyers say that on a cheap item under 10.00, the bill was even more than the cost of the item! What happens to the item is the seller ships it to a US shipping hub, it is then sent to Erlanger Kentucky, where it is opened up, handled, and sometimes even re-boxed, and mailed again to the destination country, where it gets another shipping label and is finally mailed to the buyer. I live in Canada and have bought hundreds of items from the US and only a handful have been "caught" at customs. With the Global program you are forced to pay customs and broker fees at a ridiculous rate on things that you would have never have had to pay any fees on if the seller had sent it directly to the buyer, plus the item is delayed and put at risk from all the extra handling. EBay is telling sellers that this is helping the buyer......wrong, this is a huge rip-off that they and Pitney Bowes are making a profit from. As far as tracking goes, even First Class now has tracking numbers that show delivery. These are the customs numbers that start with an L for First Class and a C for Priority. These numbers show everything along the way from acceptance, customs, and delivery. I can't speak for people in other countries, but reading the discussion boards on eBay, Canadians are outraged about this, and many have said that they are forced to boycott the sellers that are using this program. Many sellers of model horses have started using this "customs rip-off provided" as it is being called up here, so I wanted buyers and sellers to know exactly what happens. SELLERS PLEASE DON'T USE THIS SO CALLED "SERVICE", AND BUYERS BEWARE , IT WILL COST YOU A LOT OF EXTRA MONEY.
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