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  • Blab logo tote –BLACK with long blue handles - $5-$7 before mailing

    21 30.88%
  • Blab logo tote – PRIMARILY BLUE with long handles - $5-$7 before mailing

    18 26.47%
  • Blab logo tote – SHORT handles, wide, mostly blue - $5-$7 before mailing

    3 4.41%
  • Blab-logo polo shirt $30-$35 each before mailing

    5 7.35%
  • Blab-logo t-shirt, can have name, $25-$27 before mailing

    10 14.71%
  • I won’t be buying a Blab logo item this time

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Thread: QUESTION FOR BLAB - totes? shirts? with Blab logo!

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    Long handle tote!
    Annie Leidig

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    Personally, Of all the totes I have, I really like the ones that have the straps that go all the way down the bag better, like the originally pictured "long handled tote". These seem to be a more durable, secure and heavy duty tote bag, (on the order of an l.l. bean tote.)

    When the straps are just sewn at the top of the bag, the bag seem to be more "flimsy". These flimsy ones are the absolutely last ones I reach for and don't get used nearly as often as the durable, heavy duty ones with the straps sewn the entire length of the bag. (This style are usually gifts and not ones I would have purchased)

    As for the logo, Most of my tote bags only have a logo on one side and that's fine with me.
    I think the "Model Horse Blab" logo, (NOT the querty logo) on one side is enough.

    Just my 2 cents.....

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    Thanks eviejean! I think you have words of tote wisdom.
    Mary Hirsch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mary View Post
    If you can respond fairly quickly ...

    tote bag more like this one, in white, with blue printing - has a bit more size than the black one

    Attachment 73844

    What do you think .... a basic blue imprint like this one ...

    Attachment 73838

    ... with the Qwerty design on the other side? imagine color reversed, blue on white background

    Attachment 73843

    Or just one of them, on one side? Which one?

    very fast feedback please ...
    I like the looks of that tote. As for the logo...the qwerty horse is kind of neat, but definitely the blab logo. I'd buy it if both were on it but if we had to choose between the logos I'd pick the blab one.
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    I want a Blab tank top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaughingStockStables View Post
    I want a Blab tank top.

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    I'm in for the tote with the long handles.

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    GIRL CUT T-SHIRT , V neck or scoop .....OK for next time......I want something I can wear out and about. Yes I will buy a tote......but I want a GIRL CUT T-SHIRT!!!!!! something to show my boooponies

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