First to say, English is not my language, so I am sorry if it is not as it should be. I try my best to be polite and calm.

I bought three horses on 29th of March, 2 bodys and one ISH in so called prestine LSQ condition, paying in full that same day.
Lisa did not ship the horses before 27th April and apologized for the delay (no reason mentioned) which I just accepted.
I could just get the horses out of customs, and had to open the parcel right in front of custom officers.

The parcel was only filled with chips up to 3/4, there was a lot of empty space, so the horses had plenty of space to move and rub each other.
I wondered why, but it was proven that it had not been opened in transit before, it was still sealed with seller's tape.

When I unpacked the horses, I had an allergic reaction and dust and dirt on my hands coming out of the bubble wrap sheets the horses were packed in.
Both, the box and the wrapping material seemed to be in a - to say politely - very used condition. The cartonage was very weak already and put fuzz and dirt to my hands allover when only carrying it.

The horses were wrapped in bubble wrap bubble side in, directly to the horses' finish.
One of the bodies had a lot of dust and dirt on it (have pictures), the other one was clean.
The LSQ horse was wrapped in the sheet of bubble wrap that was the worse, it was dirty all over and sticky.
It stick to the LSQ horse all over the appi OF white blanket, resulting in dark scratches and sticky marks that went INTo the color and would not come off anymore.
That particular sheet of bubble wrap had to go directly into the trash, as it was dusty allover and sticky in some areas, and I wanted it to be out of my house because I reacted allergic.
I have pictures of the horse and the condition of the cartonage box if someone is interested.

When I informed Lisa, she told me she had no idea and she wanted to fulfill an insurance claim.
My answer was that it was a packing issue and not an insurance case and asked for a partial refund, because the model is down to body quality. so I suggested a partial refund.

I also had to open a paypal disput because every day counts, due to her 29day delay. (It looks like I already forfit my rights).
Now she is blaming me and stating that it was not the horse she shipped to me and she does not do partial refunds.
Honestly I regret buying and staying calm about the delay at all. I am out of money and have a body instead of a LSQ horse. Paypal will probably not help because she exceeded the time frame with her delay.

Also, I have never experienced such a bad attitude regarding a customer in 15years of collecting. Though I understand mistakes can happen, I dislike when one can not stand up for their faults and tries to blame the customer.
Personally, though I reuse shipping material myself, I would feel ashame when shipping LSQ horses someone paid for in materials in that nasty condition. And if even a damage resulted from that... how can one blame the customer in top?
There are just no words for it.
The red light persists as long no partial refund is provided. I am asking 35$ if that is of interest.

Only posting because the problem got worse while trying to resolve it personally.
Kind Regards,
Constanze Tippmann