I wanted to post this awhile ago but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do since I did receive what I paid for. However, I am seeing that others are still doing business with her and are having similar problems, so I thought it best to put my caution out there in the hopes that others will think twice about transacting with her and be spared from the same issues.

I contacted Lisa late on 4/4 to purchase a set of models from an ad on MH$P. I made the mistake of not looking her up on MHHR or TTB, since several of my hobby friends know her. Lisa got back to me the next morning that the set was available and I paid by Paypal that evening (4/5.) After the set didn't arrive by 4/16, I checked to see if the ad had been changed to "shipped," but the ad was gone, so I emailed her asking if she had shipped the set. She got back to me late that evening (11:00 p.m.) and assured me the set was in transit via Priority mail. I thanked her for the update, and waited patiently.

When the set still hadn't arrived by Monday, 4/22, I contacted her again asking for a tracking number, since anything sent Priority should've arrived within a couple days. She emailed back the next day, 4/23, stating, "I'm at work. I have all my slips at home. I hate not having a computer at home!!! I hope they get it fixed soon!! I'll get the number. I would have thought they would have been there. Other people have gotten their horses I shipped the same day.....ahhhhh....."

When I didn't have an email with a tracking number the following evening, 4/24, I sent an email asking if she had gotten the tracking number. I did not hear back from her, and thought that very unusual since she had responded within 12 hours of all my previous emails, so I consulted a few hobby friends about how to handle the situation. They advised me to file a Paypal dispute due to Paypal's time limits on filing, and I did so on 4/26.

I heard nothing from Lisa until 4/29, when she sent me an email stating, "I hate not having a computer at home!! Work blocks AOL sporatically....here is your tracking number... [number removed] It is insured and should be there shortly. I shipped a TON of boxes on Wednesday and literally filled my truck on Saturday. I wanted to go on Friday, but on my day off....I got called in. URG! Enjoy your pony and again sorry for the delay."

The set arrived the following day (4/30), and I closed the Paypal dispute.

People get busy, and I don't think slow shipping in and of itself deserves a yellow light. I'm more concerned with the dishonesty (telling me she had shipped the set when she hadn't.) I also should not have had to resort to a Paypal dispute to get her to ship my stuff. I've since looked Lisa up on MHHR and TTB and see that this is a common pattern for her -- claiming that her work email is "blocking" contact (yet there seem to be no issues with this when an interested party originally contacts her wanting to buy something) and claiming to have shipped when she actually hasn't. I also find it interesting that not having a computer at home didn't impede her activity on Facebook whatsoever at all times of the day . . . and yet she couldn't take a few seconds to get back to me on the status of our transaction.

If you're thinking about doing business with her, be prepared for these types of issues. I will not do business with her again. This light is yellow only because, as I said at the beginning, I ended up getting the models.

Melissa Grant