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Thread: Splitting Resin Sales Forums Into Painted & Unpainted

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    I like the idea of Breyer, stone and other if you're splitting OF up too.

    Breyer and stone are going to be the two main ones I'd think..and IMO if you have a whole long lot list of horses to sell of multiple types, splitting them into 2-3 threads shouldn't be all that difficult since you'll most likely have the list organized by type anyway right? If anything i would think it would make life easier to manage and keep track of what sells in each list...and clearer to buyers what sells and what's still available.

    ETA: I don't spend much time in the OF area to know for sure so what if you split them into 3 to see. Then if you find that there really isnt enough "other" traffic, perhaps you can then combine the stone with it to do 2 instead of the 3 (Breyer and Stone & Other). I think the only easy way to find out if there's enough traffic is to split them up first to see...unless you mods have an easier way of sifting through all the threads to figure that out?
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