The Breyerfest forum was just returned to paid-subscriber-only access, as has always been its intent, and it has been most of Blab's existence. An access error had left it open and that has now been corrected.

I am aware some free members have been using it, and your threads will be left in place. Remember that in addition to the standard $18/year paid sub, you can have access one month at a time for $1.80/month, both through the top links My Blab > Paid Subscription.

Blab needs to pay bills and survive financially to continue to be the vital force it has been. That's the reason for paid vs free forums ... although the free forums are always available, and free members always most welcome. In the almost 8 years of paid subscriptions, Blab has never had a subscription price increase. Instead, some 'creative financing,' as it were, such as the $1.80/month access has allowed more people more access, while keeping up with Blab costs. The $1.80/month option can be turned off and on at will by the member, allowing more members flexible and economical access, while helping Blab keep up with costs.

Feel free to post questions & comments. Always interested in what member are thinking.

I apologize for that access error, that was entirely my mistake. Hope this makes sense! Take care and enjoy Blab,