This has really upset me and looks like this is the right place to warn people, though a little late maybe.

This seller on MH$P listed some models "Priced to Sell" including an Inconspicuous (I thought I was buying) and an Appropos (got marked as sold), and Alborozo for $100, etc. The ad said they'd just joined - warning#1. The name on the ad (Marie Cassandra) was not the person who replied back (Casey Valdez) - warning#2. I bought one, no problem with communication till after I paid. They confirmed they got the payment and were shipping the next day, then nothing. I emailed for a tracking#, nothing, gave them some time, nothing arrived. Emailed and emailed and nothing. This is the weird (and good for me) part. They had me properly pay via Paypal goods sold so I filed a claim and either I will get the horse (not likley) or I will get my payment back. The Paypal address I sent the money to was also a different name - warninig#3. The Paypal waiting period for the claim will be up next week. Glad I saved a PDF of the original ad, and have my email chain from them too.

I don't know if I'm aloud to post a link to the remaining ads or not. I did already post about this on the Breyer forum and a couple of people there had emailed the same seller but with no answer. I guess they already got the money they wanted.

My name is Victoria Krentz, long time buyer, rarely a seller, and this is the FIRST TIME I've had an issue like this in the industry. Am I lucky or is it just full of good people with only a few exceptions! I still think it's full of good peoples.