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There kinda has to be people using it in order to attract more people to it.. so on that basis I'd be inclined to loose the guillotine. It's fun when there are multiple people on, but that only happens during well-advertised Blab events.

That said I've seen RHF's sidebar widget there utilized in many other forums with pretty good success. It would be fun to have a sidebar where you can drop in casually without having to stop, wait ten years for Java to do its thing, then find there's just you and two people (both of whom are idling). But I can see how the sidebar could become annoying unwanted real estate for someone who isn't into 'chatting'.
I believe you can actually hide that sidebar thing by clicking the line at the top right.

Maybe have the little shout box it at the top next to the blab logo where you can open it or minimize it per your preference? Just a little thing..