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Thread: Buyer Beware - Tia Lurie Is Now Tia Justice

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    Default Buyer Beware - Tia Lurie Is Now Tia Justice

    I am here to post a warning.

    But first, a little background information:
    Back in 2009, Tia Lurie was living in West Palm Beach, FL and was an active shower here in Florida. She was also an artist and took painting and customizing commissions. I have a long list of people that she owes horses to - many of them expensive resins. In late 2009, she was planning on getting married and moving to Canada. I was in contact with her as well as the people she owed horses to. I live an hour and a half from West Palm Beach and I offered to drive down and pick up the horses she owed to people and ship them out for her. She agreed and was supposed to call me with a place and time to meet. She never called me, and would not answer the phone when I tried to call her. She left for Canada and told her customers that her sister, Tara Lurie, would be shipping out the horses. I have contacted the people on my list and, of the people that emailed me back, none of them have received either their horses or refunds for money paid to Tia.

    Tia Lurie has re-surfaced in the hobby. She is now Tia Justice and is living in Arizona. She was listed as a judge at a show in Tuscon on March 30.

    She has three Facebook pages that I know of, and two websites. If you email me privately, I would be happy to send you the links.

    She used to use the studio name of Ocean Fire Arts, but may be using the studio name of Storm Shy Arts.

    I would like to issue a warning to everyone - do not purchase anything from Tia Justice. You may be purchasing something that rightfully belongs to someone else. And please, please, please do not order any commissions from her. [Mod edit to delete sentence - not allowed to speculate on what someone will do in the future]

    Thank you for your time and attention. If there is anyone that is on the Region 3 Yahoo Group and/ or Facebook Group and would like to cross-post this message there, please feel free. Also, as per TTB rules, I have notified Tia of this post through the "Contact Me" page of one of her websites, as I am not on Facebook and do not have her current email address.

    Jackie Moore
    Region 6
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