I am curious as to whether this is a "me" problem or if others would like this as well.

On a popular horse forum I am on, within a thread, all replies on that thread that are made by the original poster are marked. Beneath the username, "Original Poster" is ridden in red block letters.

I find this very helpful in threads that get derailed, or drag on with repetitive posts, if I would like to find out what happened for the OP or to hear their response, even if I don't care about the rest of the mayhem. Additionally, I find it helps me keep track of the different "characters" in a thread, and not get my posters confused, particularly if I have signatures turned off or many posters do not have icons.

Would such a thing be possible to do with our forum? Some way to highlight "HEY, THIS IS WHO STARTED THIS THREAD". I don't know a thing about formatting and such, so I have no idea

Would others like this? Am I the only one who gets their posters confused and has to go back to check the first post?