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I do totally see your point. I wouldn't want it as a big obvious highlight either. But if it was just black text somewhere on the post, maybe top right corner? I think it'd be fine...just something small where if you're looking for it, you can see it.
Yeah, I'm not thinking we highlight the whole text box the post goes in in BRIGHT YELLOW, more like just a little red text "Original Poster", like used on COTH, or something similar in the side bar with the user info.
Having it in a contrasting colour from the theme is good, too, because when you just want to scroll to "find out what happened", you can. (Think of this in those dragged out TTB threads where everyone feels the need to comment, or the Custom progress threads where its post after post of "AWESOME, Love it!")

On COTH (because yes, that is what gave me the idea) on the big "community" threads, you don't really notice it. But if you're looking, its a super helpful visual reminder.