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Thread: Be Aware: Casey Valdez and associated names

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    Default Be Aware: Casey Valdez and associated names

    Multiple Blab reports over a long period of time ... note green lights are included. Also note that Casey Valdez was said to be a minor when earlier reports were made. She would not be highlighted in this forum if it were not for fresh reports of the same type.

    If you know of other TTB threads about this individual - good as well as bad - please PM Mary with a thread link, and this post will be updated to include it. Thank you.

    Casey Valdez' Blab ID: Kennpony91

    2014 - Red for Marie Cassandra / Casey Valdez
    (alternate names associated with the transaction)

    2014 - Anyone seen this ad, know the poster?


    2008 - Neon Greens to smlover/Casey Valdez

    2008 - Casey Valdez?

    2008 - Casey Valdez has ripped me off

    2007 - Huge, bright flashing red for Casey Valdez

    2007 - Anyone know what happened to Casey Valdez???

    2007 - Yellow Light for Casey Valdez

    2007 - Red Light for Casey Valdez

    2005 - Casey Valdez?????

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