I'm wondering mostly if it's okay to share something in the tack room and mention that it's for sale in the same sentence. And say "hey if you like this set I made, I'm taking orders PM me" instead of even having to post on Panjo about it at all. It just says discussion of sales in part of the tack room's description so I'm wondering if that means I can mention sales? If it's not preferred then I will be honest in saying I will likely keep the majority of my advertising to MH$P and skip mentioning it on blab. It's just easier to not have to post every mention of a sale to Panjo and be taking care of 2 ads. I can see why you probably wouldn't want to see whole threads dedicated to selling a piece but is mentioning it in a thread of another post bad? Would I be better off advertising tack making services in "Artists Announcements" or is that only for models?