Good question! Blab has never had a list of dealers, including those who are members of Blab ... never had a links page, really.

Some dealers and other independent retailers (including of resins, ancillary items and services) advertise through banner ads (click Advertisers from the link tabs in the blue bar).

Dealers and other retailers are most welcome to post in the classifieds or in sales-BEO forums. A few do so ... their ads may look more as if they are from individual members than from dealers, so maybe it isn't apparent.

When the classifieds opened I contacted several dealers I was aware of at the time, and also asked the members, about creating a separate classifieds forum for dealers. The feedback from both was 'no separate space', because people wanted all models of a certain type together, regardless of who was selling them.

What I'd like to do in the classifieds is eventually work toward descriptive tags that can be added to ads, such as "glossy" or "prepped". "Dealer" could be one such description.

And, I think it's time for Blab to have a links page. Many categories of hobby links could be available, including dealers. Look for that within the next few months.