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Cool. I look forward to seeing it in full use. I generally don't like mobile versions of websites, but it looks like the Blab one is very similar to the full one and that's a plus.
I have especially not liked "fully mobile" versions of forum sites. IMO forums are usually better left as is ... other than that, with larger forum layouts, the navigation can be a trial that way.

There is a "fully mobile" version of the Blab software, but I've looked at it thoroughly and it's terrible for Blab purposes. Won't be using it.

At this time, for current devices, ONLY the header & navigation will be "mobile-ized". Just to make the spacing/formatting/navigation easier. And people will be able to switch it off and go with the regular Blab header, if they prefer.

Generally speaking, larger devices from the tablet down to the new iPhone 6 don't really need much help with many forums.

The Blab test version links aren't working yet, concentrating on the layout first, and it's tough when I don't own all of the most common devices. Definitely appreciate the feedback, and I'll update again when we have a new test version, hopefully in a couple of days. Would like to have this project completed.