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I HATE the mobile version of any website. Ebay drives me crazy by trying to switch to it even after I have hit the Classic Site link. PLEASE do not make this the only option for a mobile user because I for one will not use it.

Yes, I did look at it, but I'm not testing any links...it drove my eyes nuts. Regular Blab works just fine on my phone.
Yes, that's why it WILL be optional. Most forums are working well as is on other devices. Interestingly, while the earlier mobile phones needed sites that worked in smaller spaces, now they are moving even faster to sizes & formats that make those adjustments unnecessary for a lot of people. All we are looking to do for Blab is make the header navigation easier, as those links can be microscopic on a device.

Blab will not go to the "full" mobile format (an app) that is available from the company that provides this software, as it is available now (and maybe not ever). Anyone can search for the vBulletin forum app to see an example. And, share your opinion. My opinion: Truly Awful!